currently 5G smartphones have started arriving in Indonesia, that does not mean that they will replace 4G devices. This was conveyed by Gadget Observer Lucky Sebastian.

According to Lucky, device switching goes hand in hand with network availability. Each network generation usually lasts about a decade.

For example, 4G started in 2009, 5G networks were then launched commercially in 2019, and it is estimated that in 2030 they will only enter the sixth generation, or 6G.

So there is still quite a long time until the 5G network really covers many areas in Indonesia, maybe 3-4 years.

“So even though 5G smartphones have started to hype up in our country, it’s still quite a while to replace 4G phones,” Lucky said when contacted via text message.

After all, he explained, this 5G network will be backed up by 4G.┬áSo 4G smartphones will continue to be able to run, even the speed will increase because they have to keep up with 5G speeds so that they don’t go down too much when the 5G network in an area is not or has not been covered.

“Over time, the same as now, all cellphones run on the 4G network on average, the same thing in a few moments will all cellphones gradually support 5G, although they can still run on the 4G network,” he said.

When operators need to increase bandwidth for 5G, it is likely that the frequencies previously used by 3G and 2G will be sacrificed.

The 3G network has been replaced by 4G, while 2G is only used for voice, where now the technology will be replaced with VoLTE voice over LTE or voice over 5G network which promises cleaner voice and uninterrupted data connection when calling.


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