Instant noodles are a type of food that is very easy to be created. We can add various other ingredients to make the taste of instant noodles taste better. One of them is adding coconut milk.

Adding coconut milk to the instant noodle soup can bring a different flavor. Launching page, coconut milk contains fat that can enrich the flavor of the sauce. This soup will be thicker and more creamy. Coconut milk can add a savory taste to the instant noodle soup.

We can boil instant noodles as usual. Discard the boiled water and set aside the noodles. After that, boil the water again. Add eggs and coconut milk and instant noodles. Add sliced chili if you want the taste to be more spicy. Cook until the eggs are cooked. Pour coconut milk soup into the noodles that have been made.

Can also add other ingredients such as mustard greens, mushrooms, or cabbage. In addition to coconut milk, we can also add coconut cream if you want to get a sweeter taste. If you get bored with mediocre “normal” instant noodles, adding coconut milk can be an alternative to make it feel more special.

Interested in trying directly? We can use instant coconut milk in packaging which is easily found in various supermarkets. Can also use freshly squeezed coconut milk from old coconut.


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